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  1. BulletEliminates ODOR’s


ADA 2010Restores Vacuum Pressure

  1. Maintains Vacuum Efficiency

  1. Made on a MacExtends Pump Life

  1. BulletNon Foaming

  1. BulletEliminates Vacuum SLIME

  1. BulletBiodegradable, SAFE & Natural

  1. BulletSafe for ALL Amalgam Separators

  2. BulletDoes NOT release Mercury from Amalgam.

  1. BulletNeutral pH

  2. BulletNOT Acidic

  3. BulletNOT Alkaline

  4. BulletNON-Toxic

  5. BulletNON-Hazardous

  6. BulletNON-Corrosive

Evacuation Line SLIME, organic material, waste and build up cause backups, loss of vacuum pressure, and ODOR.

Until now, the only cleaning method has been strong acids, high pH cleaners, or caustic, harmful chemicals that are dangerous to people and the environment.   

Vac-86™ is the Earth Friendly solution and finally gives dental professionals the power to change!

Vac-86™ contains safe, natural bacillus bacteria that digest the organic material, and SLIME that accumulates in evacuation and drain lines.  SLIME builds up in three dimensions, reducing the size of drains causing loss of vacuum pressure.   Vac-86™ eliminates the SLIME and replaces it with a single layer biofilm that maintains vacuum efficiency . Vac-86™ is safe to use in all plumbing, even if your facility is on a septic tank.  Vac-86™ is safe to use in all amalgam separators and does not release mercury from amalgam.  Vac-86™ is biodegradable, safe, neutral pH, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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