Biological Evacuation Line Cleaner!



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Calculate the usage for your office:

Large Office  (5-8 operatories)

1 Vac-86™ Tube per 1 month

USE 48 ounces per day

1 tablet per day

COST:  3¢ / day / unit

Medium Office (3-6 operatories)

1 Vac-86™ Tube per 2 months

USE 24 ounces per day

1 tablet lasts 2 days

COST:  1.5¢ / day / unit

Small Office (1-4 operatories)

1 Vac-86™ Tube per 3 months

USE 16 ounces per day

1 tablet lasts 3 days

COST:  1¢ / day / unit

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Fill up the application bottle with 48 ounces of tap water.  The fill mark on the bottle is the top ridge, just above the label.  It is very simple, and does not need to be exact.  Add 1 Vac-86™ tablet to water in the large side of the bottle!   Allow the tablet to fully dissolve (3 - 5 minutes).   Pour 1 ounce into each unit type  (unit types listed above).   Pour extra solution into bad smelling units, or slow draining units, or, use the solution within three days!